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What is a Kahoot?

The rocket with the letter K is your cue that a Kahoot is available. Just click the rocket and you'll be taken to the Kahoot.  A Kahoot is just a fun and engaging quiz game that can be played individually or in a group.   You'll see the rocket in  "lessons and units" as well as other sections of the website.   To find out more about how Kahoots work, visit the Kahoot website and watch the videos below.  "How About Science?" Kahoots are already made.  All you have to do is play!  



1.  You do not need an account unless you are making your own Kahoot!

2.  Students can play on any internet connected device.  They can download the free app or just go to ""

3.  When you see the rocket on one of the activities, click it.  You'll be taken to a Kahoot and a pin number will be displayed.   Students enter the pin on their device and a nickname.  If you do not like their nickname you can delete it and have them make another.

4.  The teacher advances through the questions on the computer as the kids answer on their internet connected phones, Ipads, etc., 

5.  Click "Get Kahout" below to make your own Kahouts!

Kahoot!  Gamify Your Classroom

Kahoot Tutorial

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